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CenMed’s Equipment Maintenance Management Solution (EMMS) provides dynamic, full-service maintenance and support for a broad range of specialized equipment across various manufacturers under one service agreement. Unique to CenMed, we incorporate the customer’s preferred service providers, including the Original Equipment Manufacturers and ISOs, as part of our comprehensive solution.

As a healthcare and federal maintenance logistics contractor, CenMed provides a single contact for managing service events by leveraging qualified providers. Our solution provides coverage that includes all costs associated with on-site service, repairs, parts, labor, travel, emergency repair, preventative maintenance, and technical support.

With over 30 years of experience serving healthcare organizations, research laboratories, government facilities, and universities, CenMed leverages the expertise of service providers across multiple disciplines to deliver highly efficient and responsive equipment maintenance management services. CenMed’s multi-vendor solution offers a unified workflow and significant cost savings compared to traditional service agreements.


Research Laboratory

Research and analytical laboratories rely on highly proprietary equipment where only the Original Equipment Manufacturer is authorized to access software and service all aspects of the equipment. This generally limits service options and forces laboratories to issue multiple agreements to respective manufacturers with varying processes, workfl...ows, and inconsistent expiration dates. Within procurement, this creates single source acquisitions that are difficult to compete and validate for cost reasonableness. CenMed offers a dynamic solution that leverages only qualified manufacturer technicians across multiple proprietary equipment types under a single agreement to optimize service request workflows and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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Healthcare Imaging

With hundreds of qualified providers capable of servicing a broad range of healthcare equipment, Cen-Med expands its clients’ resources and capabilities by utilizing its vast vendor network. Cen-Med takes this further than the rest by truly partnering with hospital in-house biomedical engineering teams as an extension of its vendor network. Cen-...Med understands the value provided by in-house biomedical engineering teams and promotes ongoing training and service capabilities while utilizing manufacturers and certified ISO providers to bridge the gap. This multifaceted service approach significantly reduces downtime and service costs while optimizing technician redundancies. From general x-ray, to MRI and radiation oncology, CenMed’s EMMS provides a truly comprehensive maintenance management solution.

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National Coverage

As a GSA and Department of Defense Federal Contractor, Cen-Med supports a broad range of equipment types in healthcare, laboratory, government, and university environments. For clients with multiple facilities, our solution mitigates the risk of limited or regional technician availability. With an expansive provider network, Cen...-Med covers equipment from mass spectrometers for the Food and Drug Administration, x-ray screening systems for the Department of Homeland Security, to CT Scanners for the Department of Defense. We also cover Information Technology systems for state and local governments. Cen-Med leverages its expertise as an OEM distributer and multi-vendor maintenance manager to render responsive service and support.

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